New Life: a Rainbow Baby's Poetic Birth Story

Photo by  Cressida Photos

Birth is its own kind of primal poetry.

It waxes and wanes to a rhythm all its own, each story as unique as the baby it is bringing. Which is why this rainbow baby's poetic birth story, written by Oklahoma mama Tory Keeter, gets you right in the feels. It carries with it the simplicity and yet rush of a journey that is full of delicate complexities and yet so incredible basic that hundreds of thousands of women around the world do it every single day. Let this mama take you along for the ride... It's a beautiful one. 

Like a wave rolling in
To crash upon the shore
They begin softly and slowly
And increase more and more

The sleepless morning behind me
The sunny day ahead
Our last lunch outing as two
Then home to crash in the bed

The waves come and go
Eyes closed soaking up the sunshine
Hips and back aligned
Evening bath with a half glass of wine

Night rolls on and on
Waves rise and fall
Snoozing in between
Vocalizing to cope with them all

Sun is soon to rise
But not before the drip, drip, drip
Riding the waves higher
Preparing for this long trip

The water is crystal clear
Already made the call
As drops roll down
The waves grow strong and tall

She comes to check mid morning
A three I am
Amidst the groaning and moaning
Letting it roll from the dam

On the bed I go
To the couch I roam
Walking is a no no
The porcelain throne is my home

Two hands on the front
Lifting with each wave
Almost ready to grunt
These lifts are not my fave

Feeling pressure at the peak
She comes to feel again
Sounds are far from meek
A seven surprises these women

Upon the throne I ride
Sounds are now a grunt
Pushing with great strides
Ready to meet the little runt

The bed I refuse
Water isn't ready
What can I choose?
Body is holding physically steady

As a deer panteth for
The water, So my soul
Longeth to meet my babe, more
While grasping the bed pole

Positioned like an animal on all fours
Sounding like an Amazon dweller
Depleting glycogen stores
Here comes the head of the feller

Jumping upright
Determined to get him out
Hey there, welcome to the light!
Time to scream and shout!

Hearing the first cries
Make my heart melt
The surrounding commotion dies
A rush that I have never felt

Too much work
Heart rate jumped high
The pit will make me perk
To cloud 9 I want to fly

Sew me up
Determination made me tear
Overfloweth, my cup
Surrounded by so many who care

A new life has emerged
While two were previous lost
My sorrows have been purged
Melting away the light frost

Walk by faith, He said
Trust me and do not doubt
Do not ever get afraid
You'll know what new life is all about